Finally!!! My new CD - "IT'S ABOUT LOVE" - is now available for purchase through the following web site: The easy pleasure expressed through each of these familiar selections evoke a mood, a feel, a power that only a genuine love of music and the ability to tap into the sensitive nuances can provide. This project is a work of love that is nothing short of a blessing in the way it came together. Karen Hernandez, one of the finest piano players and arrangers I've had the great honor and pleasure to perform with in the Los Angeles area is featured on keyboards and left-hand bass, with Michel Rosen (who collaborated with Teddy Yamada in mixing and mastering) on drums. A great big thank you goes out from my heart to these wonderful artists. Working with Karen has always been an uplifting experience for me, and this project was no exception. She laid the piano and left hand bass tracks down on the 8 numbers one day, and 4 days later I came in and laid down the vocal tracks. We completed our part of the project in 10 hours over a two-day period. Teddy Yamada and Michael Rosen mixed and mastered this CD in record time, and what you hear is the final product. Originally, a drum machine was used for percussion, but while working on the mixing, Michael was inspired to lift the drum machine tracks and generously filled in with his live drum performance. Thanks Mike. Thus far, the feedback on this product has been great, and I appreciate the encouragement and support I've received all along the way. This is just the beginning of this musical adventure, in more ways than one. Stay tuned in; there's more to come.

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