Both the day and drive were beautiful along the coast as I made my way to my first featured appearance for the Channel Cities Jazz Club at the Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club in Oxnard. I experienced a sense of bitter-sweetness along the way as this was the first time I was coming to this venue without my friend Teddy Yamada who had driven me there recently on two occasions to introduce me to the club members as a performer while he jammed with the players there. Teddy, who was the engineer on my CD "It's About Love" had passed away rather suddenly a few weeks ago and his absence was felt on this very special day he was instrumental in setting up for me. Ironically, another wonderful friend and supporter and member of Channel Cities Jazz Club, Bob Agnew, former jazz critic for the L.A. Jazz Scene, who passed away about a year or so ago, had also referred me to this jazz club some four years ago, but Teddy was instrumental in physically getting me there, so I felt a debt of gratitude and appreciation to both of these very special men and decided to dedicate my performance to in remembrance of them. Today was also very special to me because I had the honor of performing for the first time with what I called the Ventura edition of my group “Pure Pleasure” comprised of Woody DeMarco on piano, Hank Allen on bass, Rex Harte on drums, Stephen Geyer on guitar and a guest appearance of Jon Crosse on reeds. What a dynamic congregation of extraordinarily gifted musicians I was blessed to make music with!! It was clear word had spread about my debut here, and there was a wonderfully appreciative crowd awaiting us. The music flowed easily, effortlessly and beautifully and the feeling was shared by all. The energy was high and palpable in the room as we moved from number to number, switching genres as we moved along. Those who were not dancing were sitting transfixed and attentive to our offerings, and the mood, the solo performances and group channeled a spirit of celebration in a most wonderful way. What a truly great way to spend an afternoon, and in such a beautiful and comfortable setting. Thank you Channel Cities Jazz Club for making this such a special event. Needless to say, the group and I had a wonderful time and look forward to returning.

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